Babyoye Salutes Mahindra Veerta Awards Winners

Mahindra Veerta Awards are recognition of exemplary acts of courage and bravery within the Mahindra Family. We are delighted to announce that the Mahindra Veerta Award Jury has chosen Rehan Shaik and Balasundar Vembadiyan from Tech Mahindra, Chennai for the Mahindra Veerta Award this year!


What they did to deserve the award:

On October 11, 2014, a group of Tech Mahindra employees were enjoying an outing organized at Mamalla Beach, Chennai. They suddenly noticed that a young boy, who was not a part of their group, had been swept away by a big wave and was around 100 feet from the shore. As he waved for help, he was pulled further into the sea. One of the boy’s friends went in to try and save him but realizing that the sea was very rough, Rehan, a Tech Mahindra employee, dived into the water to help rescue the boy. Balasundar, another Tech Mahindra employee, followed Rehan. They both managed to reach the boy and his friend who were fighting the strong current and waves. By the time they reached, the boy was unconscious, and Balasundar and the boy’s friend kept him afloat, while Rehan swam behind and pushed them to safety.

We at Babyoye salute Rehan and Balasundar’s exemplary display of courage and bravery!


The Daunting World of Strollers and How to find ‘The One’ for Your Child

There is no denying the fact that a stroller is by far one of the wisest investments you will make for your child. Especially, if your child starts walking late (like mine) or loves the outdoors (like mine). But as a new parent, no one tells you that the hardest choices don’t end at picking the babys name. When you set out to look for a stroller, there are over 200 options available.

Of course, you could go to the nearest mall or baby store and pick one out of the 5 display pieces or, if you’re smarter, you’ll go online and find that there are far more options. In this case, perhaps far too many. And thus, it would help if you knew how strollers can serve different purposes and what kind would make most sense for you based on your lifestyle.

Early Stage

When your child is still a baby, you cannot sit them up in a stroller. For babies younger than 6 months, they make what is called a bassinet attachment. Often the bassinet is an additional attachment to a regular toddler stroller so you don’t have to buy two different strollers. You could also get a multifunctional stroller instead that comes with an infant insert and reclines all the way so can be used in the sleep position. It is important to keep the infant reclining aspect in mind  when picking a stroller for a new baby.

Car Seat Attachment

When your baby is still young, you can take advantage of this feature tremendously. Certain stroller manufacturers make strollers to which you can attach infant car seats.  A car seat that gets attached to a stroller is ideal for very young babies when you don’t want to wake up a sleeping baby from the car seat but instead just pick up the car seat and attach it to the stroller. I cannot tell you how many delicious dinners I have enjoyed while my baby was young, thanks to this feature. We would just carry the car seat in the restaurant and my baby kept sleeping it while we ate our dinner. Once done, we would simply detach the car seat from the stroller and fit it back into the car. Ta-da!

Some of the great options on babyoye include this and this


Strollers are most handy when you’re travelling. Picking the wrong stroller for travel would be a nightmare. The main thing you want to look for while picking a travel stroller is how much the stroller weighs , how easily you can fold it up and how compact the stroller is when folded. An ideal travel stroller should be one that you can fold up using just one hand. This is most crucial if you are travelling alone with a child. Holding the baby in one hand, you should be able to easily fold up and sling the stroller on your shoulder. My favorite stroller for travel is the Chicco Echo Stroller. Some travel strollers are not ideal for children under 6 months because they don’t recline all the way.

For other lightweight traveller stroller options on babyoye click here

Domestic Air Travel: While taking flights domestically in India, if you’re travelling alone and flying a low cost airline, please bear in mind that you’ll probably be ascending  and descending a bus, then ascending and descending the plane, then ascending and descending another bus with the stroller and the baby before you reach your destination.  So basically, you’re best of travelling without a stroller. For this sort of travel, a baby carrier might be more ideal.

All in One Travel Systems

These are the ones that come with the entire travel system that often includes a car seat attachment, a bassinet attachment for infants and a toddler attachment.  Attachments differ based on different manufacturers and models. Some will even offer a diaper bag, rain cover, sun cover etc. These are always the most expensive due to the various different attachments involved.

There are several options on babyoye.

Jogging Strollers

Jogging strollers are usually ones with one wheel in the front and two in the back like a tricycle. These are harder to maneuver and quite often don’t swivel left and right but are very sturdy, have great suspension and work well for atheletic moms and dads who like to get back in shape soon after the baby is born. Jogging strollers rarely recline much so they are not ideal for babies (you shouldn’t run with a small baby in a stroller anyway) and also don’t usually fold up.

There’s a range of jogging strollers on babyoye, like this one here

Twin Strollers

These are just two strollers combined in one. They are bigger, wider and heavier but ideal if you have twins or two children not very far apart in age. How cute!

Options on babyoye include this twin stroller and this one

While you could find the perfect stroller that is ideal for travel and daily use, it is not atypical to own more than one stroller if your needs are very specific. When picking a stroller there are a few general things you might want to keep in mind –

  1. Reclining Positions
  2. Breaks on front/back wheels
  3. Storage Space
  4. Maximum Weight Capacity (Incase you wish to use it for an older or healthier child)
  5. Cup Holders/ Baggage hooks and finally
  6. Color, Design and Price

There may be several other features that make a stroller different from the others, but in general, as long as you know this much about a stroller, lets say you’ve graduated in at least one complex subject of parenthood.

Top 10 facts you should know about Swine flu


With some much said and preached about the deadly swine flu we would like to  give a quick guide on protecting you and your family.

Here are the top 10 facts you should know about the disease:

#1 Swine flu or H1N1 type A influenza is transmitted from people and NOT from pigs or swine.

#2 If you have good immunity, you may not be prone to swine flu.

#3 People who are at high-risk include very young children, pregnant women, diabetics, people with heart and those whose immune systems may be weak and compromised.

#4 Sudden fever of more than 100 degree Fahrenheit, fatigue, chills, headaches, cough and sneezing, sore throat, diarrhoea, loss of appetite are some of the symptoms of swine flu.

#5 one cannot exactly know that he/she is suffering from swine flu because the symptoms are very similar to regular flu. If you have very high fever for more than a day or two, sudden breathlessness, you should contact your doctor immediately.

#6 If you already have fever, it’s better to stay at home in order to prevent the disease from spreading. Always cover your face while coughing and sneezing. Avoid touching your face, nose and eyes often. It can also spread through inanimate objects like the mobile phone, laptop etc. which we end up frequently using. So, it’s better to avoid using others’ belongings. In case of sore throat, gargle with warm salt water.

#7 It is possible to prevent swine flu. Maintain your health and immunity well. Eat healthy food, get good sleep, and avoid stress. Avoid visiting crowded public places if you can. If you do visit them, wash your hands and feet well. Better still, just take a shower.

#8 Though injectable vaccines (Influvac, Agrippal, Vaxigrip, Vaxiflu-S and Fluarix) against swine flu are available, the Government has ruled out universal vaccination for now and has recommended that it be used only for people who are actively treating the swine flu patients (doctors and other medical practitioners).

#10 There are certain antiviral drugs which help treat swine flu – Zanamivir (Relenza) and Oseltamivir (Tamiflu).One should take these only with a doctor’s prescription since indiscriminate use could lead to resistance to the virus. The patient will need to hospitalized, isolated and put on a ventilator in severe cases.

Here’s how you can prevent the spread of H1N1.

  •        It can spread through coughing and sneezing so always       cover your face while doing so. And make sure people         around you in office or home also follow this.
  •         Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth too often
  •         Maintain a high level of personal hygiene. Always                  wash your hands before or after eating and                             particularly after returning from a public place.
  •         Sometimes virus can spread through droplets that              have remained on surfaces of things like laptops,                  phones so avoid using someone else’s items.
  •       Avoid public places, unhygienic conditions, etc.
  •        If your city/area is swine-flu endemic, always wear a standard swine flu mask  in public places (the H-95 mask which is worn by nurses and doctors while collecting samples from swine flu victims). Normal surgical masks which sell like hot cakes during swine flu season might not give enough protection.
  •    If you feel sick and look like you are developing a cold or fever, stay at home and take enough rest. Rest has also been shown to increase ‘interferon’ which help our immunity to fight the virus better. Keeping away from others also prevents spread of the infection.

And lastly how to prevent the virus from spreading from the upper respiratory tract:

  •       Gargling with warm water in which a little salt is added; several times a day acts like an irritants for the virus and washes it off.
  •         Drinking lots of warm water and other warm fluids wash off the virus into the stomach where they cannot survive.

Stay safe. stay healthy. take care!