Babyoye Calendar Hunt 2016


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‘A thing of beauty is a joy forever’… and no, we’re not talking about diamonds.

Babyoye announces the ‘Precious Moments’ Calendar hunt for 2016. If you think that your little boy is a dashing star in the making, or your tiny princess is a beauty queen in her own right – which mother doesn’t? :) – send us a picture and they just might make it to one of the pages of our calendar. It’s a keepsake to preserve some precious moments for years to come. After all, aren’t those twinkling eyes worth more than a million dazzling diamonds?

Mail us your child’s photo with a caption on

Mention your child’s name & age along with your name, phone number, e-mail & city of residence
Entries without all the above 6 details is not eligible for the contest. Photo must be high resolution (300dpi)

Visit for more details on terms and conditions.

Babyoye Maternity Photoshoot


Calling all Mammas-to-be!

Tired of the mundane routine of work and home? Annoyed with everyone telling you to ‘be careful’ and ‘walk slowly’? We at Babyoye know that being an expecting mother is hard work and would like to give you a chance to let your hair loose and have some fun for a day.

fb post 1200pxX900px


We’re picking a few lucky moms who would like to have their pregnancy immortalized as elegant works of art. If you’d like to win a chance at being treated like a model, just send in a mail to and we’ll invite you for a maternity photo shoot by one of our ace photographers.

Terms & Conditions
Winners will be picked by a lucky draw from the entries received

Photoshoot pictures will be shared with the winners in form of soft copies and one framed picture of their choice

Any of the pictures from the photo shoots may be used at a later date for on-site/offline promotional activities. Participation in the contest indicates consent.

The Daunting World of Strollers and How to find ‘The One’ for Your Child


There is no denying the fact that a stroller is by far one of the wisest investments you will make for your child. Especially, if your child starts walking late (like mine) or loves the outdoors (like mine). But as a new parent, no one tells you that the hardest choices don’t end at picking the babys name. When you set out to look for a stroller, there are over 200 options available.

Of course, you could go to the nearest mall or baby store and pick one out of the 5 display pieces or, if you’re smarter, you’ll go online and find that there are far more options. In this case, perhaps far too many. And thus, it would help if you knew how strollers can serve different purposes and what kind would make most sense for you based on your lifestyle.

Early Stage

When your child is still a baby, you cannot sit them up in a stroller. For babies younger than 6 months, they make what is called a bassinet attachment. Often the bassinet is an additional attachment to a regular toddler stroller so you don’t have to buy two different strollers. You could also get a multifunctional stroller instead that comes with an infant insert and reclines all the way so can be used in the sleep position. It is important to keep the infant reclining aspect in mind  when picking a stroller for a new baby.

Car Seat Attachment

When your baby is still young, you can take advantage of this feature tremendously. Certain stroller manufacturers make strollers to which you can attach infant car seats.  A car seat that gets attached to a stroller is ideal for very young babies when you don’t want to wake up a sleeping baby from the car seat but instead just pick up the car seat and attach it to the stroller. I cannot tell you how many delicious dinners I have enjoyed while my baby was young, thanks to this feature. We would just carry the car seat in the restaurant and my baby kept sleeping it while we ate our dinner. Once done, we would simply detach the car seat from the stroller and fit it back into the car. Ta-da!

Some of the great options on babyoye include this and this


Strollers are most handy when you’re travelling. Picking the wrong stroller for travel would be a nightmare. The main thing you want to look for while picking a travel stroller is how much the stroller weighs , how easily you can fold it up and how compact the stroller is when folded. An ideal travel stroller should be one that you can fold up using just one hand. This is most crucial if you are travelling alone with a child. Holding the baby in one hand, you should be able to easily fold up and sling the stroller on your shoulder. My favorite stroller for travel is the Chicco Echo Stroller. Some travel strollers are not ideal for children under 6 months because they don’t recline all the way.

For other lightweight traveller stroller options on babyoye click here

Domestic Air Travel: While taking flights domestically in India, if you’re travelling alone and flying a low cost airline, please bear in mind that you’ll probably be ascending  and descending a bus, then ascending and descending the plane, then ascending and descending another bus with the stroller and the baby before you reach your destination.  So basically, you’re best of travelling without a stroller. For this sort of travel, a baby carrier might be more ideal.

All in One Travel Systems

These are the ones that come with the entire travel system that often includes a car seat attachment, a bassinet attachment for infants and a toddler attachment.  Attachments differ based on different manufacturers and models. Some will even offer a diaper bag, rain cover, sun cover etc. These are always the most expensive due to the various different attachments involved.

There are several options on babyoye.

Jogging Strollers

Jogging strollers are usually ones with one wheel in the front and two in the back like a tricycle. These are harder to maneuver and quite often don’t swivel left and right but are very sturdy, have great suspension and work well for atheletic moms and dads who like to get back in shape soon after the baby is born. Jogging strollers rarely recline much so they are not ideal for babies (you shouldn’t run with a small baby in a stroller anyway) and also don’t usually fold up.

There’s a range of jogging strollers on babyoye, like this one here

Twin Strollers

These are just two strollers combined in one. They are bigger, wider and heavier but ideal if you have twins or two children not very far apart in age. How cute!

Options on babyoye include this twin stroller and this one

While you could find the perfect stroller that is ideal for travel and daily use, it is not atypical to own more than one stroller if your needs are very specific. When picking a stroller there are a few general things you might want to keep in mind –

  1. Reclining Positions
  2. Breaks on front/back wheels
  3. Storage Space
  4. Maximum Weight Capacity (Incase you wish to use it for an older or healthier child)
  5. Cup Holders/ Baggage hooks and finally
  6. Color, Design and Price

There may be several other features that make a stroller different from the others, but in general, as long as you know this much about a stroller, lets say you’ve graduated in at least one complex subject of parenthood.

Pit a Pat Dora raincoat for 2-3 year old


The amazing dora raincoat just in time for the rainy season. Even if the rain starts, I am all set to start off my shopping in the preparation of the rains. Fortunately, this time Babyoye sent across this adorable Dora print raincoat for my 2.5 year old that she very much loves. Without wasting much time, lets get started with the review!

Here is the video review from the curiousmumma!








Babyoye sent the raincoat in a pretty neat and sturdy packaging. It was nothing fancy, but the raincoat was packed well to avoid bruising in transit. It reached well in time and I had to do zero follow up.

Why to buy:

  1. The designs under this brand are adorable! I already have a Hannah Montana raincoat from the same brand and that was the one my daughter was using until this one arrived.
  2. Love the color and print quality. Very easy to wash with just one wipe of a wet cloth.
  3. The raincoat is light weight, rather feather weight. Unlike the traditional raincoats, it is not heavy when I put it in my daughter’s bag.
  4. The plastic quality or the material is very thin and doesn’t feel rubbery against the body.
  5. It has some room on the back for accommodating the school bag. I love this change in raincoats because otherwise the raincoat gets pulled up and the coverage reduces.
  6. Has a hoodie with a plastic cap like protrusion. This is so essential when it rains otherwise my daughter ends up with her face washed by the water droplets.

Why to avoid:

  1. For 2-3 year old, it is a little short. My daughter is pretty tall and so it reaches few inches above her ankle. THis means less coverage when she wears it with the bag.
  2. The pricing is a tad bit on the higher range. Though the price is worth the quality, it still is a raincoat that will be used just one season!


This particular one is priced at Rs 690. I think the quality is worth the penny, but for a garment that will be used just once, I find it a bit too expensive.

Our Verdict:

Worth a buy for the amazing quality and prints that it has. The colors are not dull and that is so required to make the rainy season seem a little less gloomy!

Shweta Shetye

The Best ‘At-Home’ Nappies for My Baby


BP10084701_1As a third-time mommy, I can safely tell you that cloth diapering is always the best choice for your baby. The traditional ‘langots’ can easily make you change your mind, and cause plenty of extra work and unnecessary stress to deal with. But these super-absorbent muslin nappies will have you praising cloth diapering in no time. I have used them for my newborn baby and am very well pleased. Here are some things I loved about these muslin nappies:

11. First and foremost, they are perfect for the hot Indian summers. Unlike sweaty disposable diapers and bulky pocket diapers, these nappies are made of soft, breathable muslin and will keep your baby cool.
2. An additional layer of padded insert makes them extra absorbent without adding bulk to the entire area.
3. Eco-friendly and reusable, they considerably reduce the cost of diapering.
4. They are easy to wash, and dry quickly.
5. Last, but probably the most important factor is that my baby has showed no signs of diaper rash at all which was a common case when using disposables or even when a wet ‘langot’ went unnoticed for some time.

2Some that tips I would like to share are:
1. Wash the nappies in a mild detergent (like ‘Ezee’) for the first time before using them for your baby. Later on, you can just rinse and toss in the washing machine.

2. Use a lightweight and breathable waterproof protector underneath. The nappy absorbs all the liquid so you don’t need a bulky baby mattress underneath.
3. When tying the nappy, make sure the baby has enough space for leg movement but keep in mind to keep the knot firm. Little babies can manage to kick open a loose knot with their leg movements.
The nappies are available in pretty pastel colors for your baby. My ‘pink and white’ ones go with most dresses and are now my favorite ‘at-home’ nappies!
Lata Tokhi

Luvlap Sunshine Baby Stroller


Luvlap Baby Stroller(Sunshine)

The Luvlap Sunshine baby stroller is a budget stroller which is both functional and light weight and comes in handy for the busy urban mom.
Pros :
Ease of use : Lightweight, weighting at only 8kgs, this is a stroller which the mom can easily manage without asking hubby with the heavy lifting. You can manage it with one hand hand in case you need to carry the baby in the other. So its ideal for the out and about mom. The 360 degree swivel option on the front wheels makes the maneuvering the stroller even in tight spaces a piece of cake
Value for money – Costing 3250 rupees this stroller is one that combines various features at a low cost option.
Safety – I have been using this stroller for my now 11 month old for about 6 months and i have to safe i find it very safe. It comes with a seat belt which helps keep those tiny balls of energy from flying off the seat. There are brakes and locks on all four wheels
Three adjustable seating positions : From complete Sleeping to, semi recline and sitting positions makes for various age groups to easily use this stroller. ( 3 months up to 18kgs)
Storage : The stroller includes and pouch on the back and a mesh basket below where moms can store the 1001 things that we need with the baby on a day out
User manual – The product comes in semi assembled format and the one page instruction manual for assembly barely makes any sense. But rest assured anyone with decent cognitive skills can manage to assemble the product ( I did !! :) )
Looks – Compared to other strollers this one doesn’t look as good on an aesthetic scale. I know some people would not find this as major a setback as others would, but i think this is worth noting.
Bottom Line – this is a great product if you are a budget conscious  but would not compromise on safety of your child or usability of the product.So go ahead and take a pick from the various colorful options available of the Luvlap Sunshine stroller.


Lavanya Jaganathan



BPNUB00145_2-nuby-natural-touch-feeding-bottle-step-2-300-mlMy baby has always been a no fuss baby and therefore it came as a shocker when she completely refused to get bottle fed. Bottles of any shape, size, kind wouldn’t trick her into leaving me for them. Its then that I came across Nuby natural touch bottle and did my baby like it?! She loved it!

Nuby softflex nurser offers a smooth transition from breast feeding to bottle feeding.

It closely mimics the shape, feel and function of mother’s breast. It also has anti-colic valves and nubs on the nibbles that massage a baby’s gums to aid teething process.

I have been 100% satisfied with this product in terms of usage and my baby’s comfort. Price is on the higher side but am sure none of us moms out there would care about this where our babies are concerned.

Rachana Tiwari



Having been a regular with the ‘Snuggles’ brand, I have always picked their tops & t shirts as they are soft, gentle on the baby & come in very cute prints. My recent purchase, however, is the ‘Snuggles Checks Dungaree’ and I must say I am very impressed with the product.

BP10041161_1-oye-dungaree-navy-blue-12-18-monthsThe dungaree has a very snug fit, holding any T-shirt in its place & the buttons for diaper-change make this a wonderful purchase. The outfit has a slight ballooning effect at the legs, which gives room for fatter legs & also for a full diaper. The fabric used for the dungaree is soft even without a wash & doesn’t rub against my son’s body causing any skin issues. The buttons are fastened well & don’t fall off even when tugged hard at. Adding more ‘smartness’ to the design is a tuck in the middle that gives it shape & structure, making my son looking cuter than he is! I would definitely recommend this to my mommy-friends

Anjana Dhanavanthan

Fisher Price Clean N Go Feeding Booster Seat

BPMAT00347_1-fisher-price-booster-cowThere are 3 great things about this booster seat – safe, easy to use and portable.
The chair and baby harnesses with this seat make it very safe so that your baby cannot tilt over. My child too is comfortable in this.
As the material is plastic, no matter how messy it gets, just a simple wipe over or a genlt scrub, if it’s too messy will suffice. An excellent feature is the built-in wipe stacker in the back rest. You can always keep your wipes or cloth handy in the built-in compartment.
The booster seat has 3 parts – the base or seat (on which the child sits), the back rest and a tray. The good thing is all three come part easily and can be put together just as easily. This is great when you’re travelling. It fits easily beacuse of this feature in the suitcase.
Overall, I am satisfied with this seat and would highly recommend this.


Kuheli De


Mumma’s Day Out


Pregnancy seems designed to prepare you for life as a mother. You start making sacrifices nine months before the child is born, so by the time they put in an appearance you are used to giving things up for them.
― Brett Kiellerop

But, we at Babyoye believe that every pregnant woman should celebrate these precious moment and feel special. “Mumma’s Day Out” is an initiative where  from the beginning, we set the mood. Maternity clothing is a start, as well as dramatic lighting and facial expressions. The simple act of throwing a head back, laughing, takes some of the privacy out of the moment and celebrate the pregnancy .



We were elated to have Meenal from Bangalore in the complimentary photo-shoot conducted by Babyoye.


Here is what she has to say about the over all experience-

I am in 8 months of pregnancy. My husband Rahul and I started off with our new journey on June 20th, 2015 when we realized for the first time that we are pregnant. We were really very excited about our pregnancy and wanted to capture our new happiness. I am glad that Babyoye gave us an opportunity to live a fairy-tale for a day.


We were really very excited for the photo shoot. I was skeptical to ask Rahul to join me for the shoot knowing how camera shy he is. But to my surprise not only he agreed, was really supportive; he took a day off from his work and spent the whole day along with me for the shoot. He was really into it, comforted and loved me during the shoots. We had a romantic day out. I felt as if I lived a model’s life for a day because Babyoye had arranged for a nice outdoor shoot, stylish outfits, makeup artist, and a vanity van for me to relax. What more could I ask for!

I was pampered by Babyoye team. They made sure that we were comfortable during the shoot and we were in a friendly environment. It was really fun to have done the shoot.



These photos are memories that are going to be very close to our hearts. While we can’t wait for the baby to arrive soon and fill our life with happiness; we would want to cherish this time of our life.

IMG_8774 edited


Sure I have gained weight and everything is bigger- but I never truly felt more beautiful than I do now. My personal favorite has to be this one. Lot of emotions and thoughts crossed my mind while doing this.


If you wish to get your motherhood journey captured by us, mail us at