Fab n Funky Carry Cot Cum Rocker


We bought this Fab and Funky Carry Cot cum Rocker online for my son Vyaan when he was 2 months old . MRP was 3200 but I had some discount coupons because of which I got it for 1400 . A Carry Cot was a necessity for us as my son refused to be alone in the room , so we started keeping him in the cot and rocking him while in the kitchen or doing other household chores . Secondly whenever I needed to run some errands I would quickly fix it onto the passenger seat in our car and take Vyaan along with me .
Its pretty lightweight and you can use the adjustable handle to put it into a sitting or reclining position .It has an adjustable 3 point seatbelt to ensure the child doesn’t topple over as babies try different stunts as they grow older .I have seen many carry cots but this one looks stylish with the red blue combination and the baby seems comfortable in the padded seat . It has a canopy that can be used outdoors to protect the baby from the sun .
Buy this for a newborn and one can satisfactorily use it till he/she is 7 months old . Company claims its for babies upto 12 months but I doubt its big enough to accommodate a child above 7 months plus they wont like it much either as they’l be busy exploring other things .  BP10068205_3-ollington-st-collection-car-seat-cum-carry-cot-blue
Pros :
  • Baby needn’t be carried all the time and can be rocked to sleep and used as a car chair
  • Easy fixation n removal from the car’s seat
  • Stylish and comfortable
Cons :
  • Baby may or may not like being carried in it
  • Cannot be carried over a long distance
  • Baby will outgrow it in a few months
Mithila Vijaykumar

Libero Diapers


I am Prema Rajkumar staying in Mumbai, I have been using Libero Diapers for past few months and I am very happy with the product.

The quality is excellent. The texture is soft and perfect for the baby’s skin. My baby did not develop any rashes or skin allergies and is very comfortable in them. It has good absorbing capacity and stays dry all night and has no leaking areas. The edges and the wrapping near the baby waist are also smooth. The diaper is white in color with attractive prints on both sides. It is available in both open diapers as well as pant style diapers. It is reasonably priced, almost at par with the other leading brands.

The only downside is the size, for e.g Medium size (6 -11 kgs) may not fit a baby of 10 kg. So I would suggest not to stock up on too much and buy as your baby grows.

All in all it’s a great product and definitely worth a try. 

Prema Rajkumar 

Fisher Price Rocker

BP10063645_2-fisher-price-new-born-to-toddler-portable-rocker-with-free-diaper-bag”My kid’s favourite Rocker/Seater. Very good Quality and Useful Product”

It was my son’s first gift from his father :) I used to put my baby in the rocker when I’m busy with my household works. My son loves to stay rocked for more than a hour. He gets attracted by the hanging toys and in fact, it has improved his motor skills. The rocker rocks itself when my baby’s leg hit… Durable, light weight and easily foldable. Usually we carry it when we go for vacation. The vibration is very soothing and at times my baby will go to sleep by himself. Now he is 4 yrs. He still uses it like a chair and loves it. Value for every penny. I personally recommend to buy or gift someone.

Sumathi Bala